1st Prize at the ISSTT 2022 Conference

Our PhD student Coralie Elmaleh won the 1st prize of the “Student Paper Competition ISSTT 2022” among 10 finalists at the 32nd “International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology” Conference in Baeza, Spain.

This competition, sponsored by Virginia Diodes, is organized to identify and recognize the outstanding technical contributions of individual students. 10 contributions were selected as finalists (see table below) and had the opportunity to make an oral presentation of approximately 8 min during the conference. Finalists also received a travel grant, which includes waiver of registration fees, accommodation assistance during the days of the conference, and access to all social activities at no additional cost. First, second and third prizes were awarded based on content and presentation, with the criteria ranked in the following order:
1) Creativity or novelty of the ideas presented in the article
2) Quality of the paper and technical soundness of the work presented
3) Oral presentation of the communication during the conference and answer to questions from the public.
To be considered for an award, the student had to be the primary author, personally present the paper at ISSTT 2022, and their supervisor had to confirm that the paper was primarily the work of the student (>80 %).