Posters 2024

Investigating Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from the Gas-Phase Reaction of Myrtenal, a First-Generation Terpene Oxidation Product, with NO3 Radicals in the atmospheric simulation chamber CHARME

Posters 2023

Turbulent structures in the atmospheric surface layer : observation by remote sensing and impact on the small-scale variability of pollutants

Study of Secondary Organic Aerosol formation from the gas-phase reaction of guaiacol with NO3 radicals

Unravelling the role of surface complexation in the isotopic fractionation of Fe aerosols

Investigation in the atmospheric simulation chamber CHARME of the ozonolysis of prenol, a VOC used as a biofuel

NO3 Initiated Oxidation of Furan Compounds: Rate Coefficients, Gas-Phase Chemical Mechanisms and SOA Formation

Atomic Structure and Dynamics of Unusual and Wide Gap Phase-Change Chalcogenides

Thermal, Conductivity, Structural and Optical Properties of HgI2-As2X3 (X = Se, Te) Chalcogenide Glasses

CEAS and CRDS at THz frequencies for trace level gas analysis

Synthesis and characterization of glass and crystalline compositions in the (Na2Se)x(As2Se3)1-x chalcogenide system

HgY2‐GeS2 (Y = Cl, Br, I) chalcogenide glasses: structural, macroscopic and electric properties

Rovibrational spectroscopy of trans and cis conformers of 2-furfural from high resolution Fourier transform and qcl infrared measurements

Microwave and millimeter-wave rotational spectroscopy of 3-methylcatechol

On-site & real time THZ monitoring of gaseous emission from a waste recovery center

Posters 2022

Intra-Cavity Millimeter Spectrometer For The Detection Of Semi-Volatile Organic Vapors

A Comb-based High Resolution THz Spectrometer

Characteristics of the Low-Level Jets Observed over Dunkerque (North Sea French coast) using 4 years of wind lidar data

Key factors explaining severe air pollution episodes in Hanoi during 2019 winter season

Ion Conducting Chalcogenide Glasses: Transport Properties, Structural Characterization and Their Applications in Solid Electrolytes

Posters 2021

TeraWaste : In-situ/real time TeraHertz , analysis of gaseous emission in the Dunkirk Urban Community’s waste incineration/power plant.

Multi-step wind variability prediction based on deep learning neural network

Iron solubility and isotope fractionation of industrial particles during simulated cloud processing

Development and characterization of a sequential aerosol sampler by cascade impaction: application to the study of a fine particle pollution episode

Study of the Nighttime Atmospheric Reactivity of Furan Compounds with NO3 Radical in the Atmospheric Simulation Chamber “CHARME”

THz high-resolution spectroscopy, a new approach to investigateintramolecular hydrogen bond dynamics: Applied to catechol a precursor of secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere

Posters 2020

Long-Pathlength Spectroscopy in Atmospheric Simulation Chamber,
trom Near-Intrared to terahertz

Posters 2018

Mercury thiogermanate HgS-GeS2 glasses: macroscopic, electric, and structural properties