Posters 2022

Intra-Cavity Millimeter Spectrometer For The Detection Of Semi-Volatile Organic Vapors

A Comb-based High Resolution THz Spectrometer

Characteristics of the Low-Level Jets Observed over Dunkerque (North Sea French coast) using 4 years of wind lidar data

Key factors explaining severe air pollution episodes in Hanoi during 2019 winter season

Posters 2021

TeraWaste : In-situ/real time TeraHertz , analysis of gaseous emission in the Dunkirk Urban Community’s waste incineration/power plant.

Multi-step wind variability prediction based on deep learning neural network

Iron solubility and isotope fractionation of industrial particles during simulated cloud processing

Development and characterization of a sequential aerosol sampler by cascade impaction: application to the study of a fine particle pollution episode

Study of the Nighttime Atmospheric Reactivity of Furan Compounds with NO3 Radical in the Atmospheric Simulation Chamber “CHARME”

THz high-resolution spectroscopy, a new approach to investigateintramolecular hydrogen bond dynamics: Applied to catechol a precursor of secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere

Posters 2020

Long-Pathlength Spectroscopy in Atmospheric Simulation Chamber,
trom Near-Intrared to terahertz