Labex CaPPA Scientific Day of March 10, 2023

On the occasion of the scientific day of the CaPPA labex on March 10, 2023, the LPCA presented its latest work through two posters presented by post-doctoral student Cecilia G. Pech and doctoral student Reem Al Mawla.

Cecilia G. Pech’s poster was titled “Unraveling the role of surface complexation in the isotopic fractionation of Fe aerosols”. She was able to share her advances in her methodology for the isotopic analysis of iron in the context of its atmospheric implications.


Reem Al Mawla’s poster was entitled “Investigation in the atmospheric simulation chamber CHARME of the ozonolysis of prenol, a VOC used as a biofuel”. She was able to share the first results of her thesis concerning the atmospheric reactivity of prenol with ozone.

The two posters attracted the attention of many people and allowed relevant and fruitful discussions for our two participants.

We would like to thank the CaPPA labex and all the participants for this day of discussions.

The posters presented can be found in the section provided for this purpose on our site.