9th scientific day of Labex CaPPA

On the occasion of the 9th scientific day of Labex CaPPA on March 12, 2024, the LPCA exhibited 4 posters and produced an oral communication for WP1: “from gas phase to aerosols: Biogenic VOCs as precursors for particles”. Different posters were presented by our doctoral students in a flash format and then were the subject of numerous discussions with the various participants of the day. So we had:

  • Colwyn Bracquart’s poster entitled: “Microwave spectroscopy and microsolvation of aerosols precursor: the nitro-methoxyphenols” (LPCA/PhLAM)
    Pauline Haezebrouck’s poster entitled: “Study of Low-Level Jets over the North Sea using lidar observation and mesoscale meteorological simulations” (LPCA)
  • Perrine Meynard’s poster entitled: “Turbulent structures in the atmospheric surface layer: observation by remote sensing and machine learning processing” (LPCA).
  • Sandy Solaiman’s poster entitled: “Investigating Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Gas-Phase Reaction of Myrtenal, a First-Generation Terpene Oxidation Product, with NO3 Radicals within the atmospheric simulation chamber CHARME” (LPCA/CERI EE).

The oral presentation was carried out by our former doctoral student Dr. Al Ali and was entitled: “Temperature-dependent kinetics of the nocturnal oxidation of furan compounds with Nitrate radical” (LPCA/CERI EE).

We thank the organizers for this day rich in discussions and scientific sharing. We particularly thank Professor Denis Petitprez for having been at the head of the Labex CaPPA adventure which will end this year after many years of scientific productions, collaborations between laboratories and for having trained numerous young doctors thanks to the support of this Labex.