The LPCA at the 13th edition of Mathematics Week

The LPCA participated in the 13th edition of Mathematics Week, which took place from March 13 to 20, 2024 on the theme “Mathematics: the important thing is to participate!” “.

Organized at the Planetarium of the Palais de L’Univers et des Sciences (PLUS), in partnership with ULCO, IUT MT2E and the MTE Research Center, the LPCA was present at this national event, by participating in the lively conference “Experimaths: How to experiment and have fun with the equations of the world? »

This flagship PLUS event closed mathematics week on Friday March 15, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. for school groups and from 7:00 p.m. for the general public. This lively conference was carried out in order to offer a current, lively and attractive image of mathematics thanks to the fusion of fun scientific experiments presented by physicists (with the participation of the public), mathematical equations and a quiz hosted by scientists from the MTE Research Center laboratories.

The aim of this anima’conf was to develop, particularly among students, a taste for effort and perseverance and the desire to progress by participating, throughout the conference, in a team or individual quiz. in order to win goodies.

The spectacular experiments that were presented allowed the public to discover that the mastery of Science makes it possible to make Art and to show that the practice of mathematics can be a source of emotions of an aesthetic nature in order to reveal the link between mathematics , pleasure and creativity. Among the scientific experiments, a fabulous 3D vortex gun was presented highlighting an air flow modeling an atmospheric jet, visible from a laser sheet. In addition, the tornado machine brought joy to young and old alike as the audience turned into tornado chasers. The power of the wind was dissected to better understand the operation of a wind turbine as well as its performance using Bernoulli and Venturi experiments.

This conference was led by ULCO Research staff including Dominique SCHNEIDER (Director of the MTE Pole/Teacher-researcher at LMPA), Sylvain DELENCLOS (Teacher-researcher at UDSMM/IUT MT2E), Véronique VANVINCQ (UCEIV/ MTE Center) and Patrick AUGUSTIN (Research Engineer at LPCA) with the help of France FOLATRE, Johanna MARTEEL, Marc FOURMENTIN and Romuald ERNST.