A look back at the 2023 Science Festival

As part of the 2023 Science Festival, the LPCA was present at the Science Village of the Palais de l’Univers et des Sciences (PLUS) in Dunkirk. Oriented around the theme of Science, Sport and Energy, the general public was able to discover science through sport.

At the “A breath of air: When air plays sport” stand, the LPCA and the MTE Center have joined forces to set up a stand to interest young and old in this theme.

First of all, the wind energy used in certain sports has been highlighted MOST. But then how can we see the wind, especially when we are inside the Science Village? Nothing is simpler than seeing the tube of a tornado forming thanks to the tornado simulator (See video below).

Simulateur de Tornade

Built by LPCA engineers, this tornado machine generates a magnificent tornado more than 1.50 meters high using smoke that swirls in a cavity in which young and old can interact with it. the tornado. The effects of the laser sheet, crossing the snorkel of the tornado, were able to highlight the cross section of the tornado, revealing the eye of the tornado characterized by a depression zone (see photo below). This suction zone generates a centripetal force that opposes the centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the tornado. This competition, between these two forces, creates a zone of equilibrium in which the smoke is trapped.

Coupe transversale de la tornade

After being made aware of wind energy, the public was able to see the benefit of using wind energy to practice certain sports thanks to Bernoulli’s theorem (photo below). Bernoulli’s experience, with public participation, allowed the public to understand how sailing boats, windsurfing, kite surfing, sand yachting, etc. are progressing… LPCA doctoral students Perrine, Pauline and Colwyn, accompanied by Véronique from the Pôle MTE had the joy of explaining certain principles of physics and illustrating them using fun experiments to schoolchildren, middle school and high school students

Demonstration of Bernoulli’s principle using fun experiments to highlight lift

Then, the Venturi effect took the public to the discovery of a principle widely used in our daily lives but particularly in motorsport. The Venturi tube experiment was presented using a fun experiment to better visualize the relationship between pressure and velocity of fluid flow.

Demonstration and explanation of the Venturi effect

Finally, ball sports put Gustave Magnus in the spotlight thanks to his effect which bears his name. The Magnus effect aroused the curiosity of budding athletes by admiring the results of the trajectory of an object rotating on itself. The experience of the Magnus effect made it possible to answer the following question: ‘How to score a goal despite the presence of a wall in front of the goal?’ Thus, shots with effect no longer hold any secrets for the public .

Spin strikes were explained in detail using experiments highlighting the Magnus Effect

On the LPCA stand, the Science Festival was an opportunity to open dialogue between researchers and citizens and to highlight the contribution of science to improving the performance of athletes.