ERASMUS + program, visit to the Lycée Sacré Coeur in Tourcoing

As part of the Eramus + program, students from the Lycée Sacré Coeur de Tourcoing came to visit the LPCA and the UCEIV, on Thursday September 29, 2023. Following this international exchange program, during this visit, they were accompanied of their Spanish counterparts with the aim of discovering Scientific Research activities at ULCO and more precisely in the field of air quality. This visit began with a presentation of the results of the EMMA (Mobile Atmospheric Multi-scale Experiment) project highlighting the impact of the sea breeze on the abundance and nature of pollutants as well as on inflammatory and oxidative stress processes. , at the level of exposed lung cells. At the end of this presentation, the students were able to discover:

the UMA (Mobile Atmospheric Unit) equipped with an aerosol lidar, mini sensors, and an ultrasonic anemometer for the study of the transport of pollutants by turbulence.
the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and its EDX spectrometer, dedicated to the analysis of atmospheric particles,
the atmospheric simulation chamber for studying the reactivity of VOCs as well as optical sensors for measuring pollutants,
and the lung exposure chamber for the study of environmental toxicity.