The LPCA at the “Cordées de la Réussite” at the Lycée de l’Europe

The “Cordées de la Réussite” took place on Thursday January 18, 2024 at the Lycée de l’Europe. The LPCA, supported by the MTE Research Center, responded favorably to this event. The Cordées aim to implement actions to give each student the means to succeed in the development of their career plan: continued studies in higher education or professional integration. Combining the Collèges Gaspard Malo, Lucie Aubrac and the Lycée de l’Europe in Dunkirk, middle and high school students were able to discuss with professionals to better understand professions including those in engineering and research thanks to the ULCO stand located in the heart of the Lycée (see photos). In addition, they were able to discover a wide range of equipment used in the field of scientific research present in the Mobile Atmospheric Unit (UMA). The UMA, deployed in the premises of this High School, was equipped with the aerosol lidar located on the roof, the weather mast with the ultrasonic anemometer for the study of turbulence, the infrared camera as well as mini sensors embedded on drones during the last measurement campaign of the ANGELA project (AAnalysis of the Coastal Gravity Current), co-financed by the MTE Research Center and the SFR Campus de la Mer.


The Cordées de la Réussite are based on the partnership between a higher education establishment, middle schools and high schools which fall more specifically into priority education networks.

Deployment of the Mobile Atmospheric Unit in the premises of the Lycée de l’Europe

Discovery of the instruments on board the UMA for both students and teachers of this establishment.

Group of middle and high school students after visiting the UMA