Science at the Forum for Research in Art Schools

Supported by the Pôle MTE, the LPCA continues its partnership with the École Supérieure d’Art (ESA), as part of the Initiation to Creative Research Workshop (AIRC ‘Zéphyr et Aquilon’). Marc FOURMENTIN (LPCA), Véronique VANVINCQ (MTE) and Patrick AUGUSTIN (LPCA) went to the Forum for Research in Art Schools – Multiplex II inter-sites of the ESA, this Thursday, December 7 in order to discover the various current projects of ESA students at the Dunkirk site, on the theme of meteorology. The current research, resulting from the AIRC workshop, was inspired (for the majority of the projects exhibited) by previous interventions by LPCA researchers at the ESA.

Photo 1: Presentation of current research by 2nd year ESA students as part of the AIRC workshop by Laetitia LEGROS

Photo 2: Current projects, 2nd year ESA students, inspired by the interventions of LCPA scientists.

During this 2nd meeting, our protagonists had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. VERSCHAEVE, Director of the Tourcoing site and International Relations but also with Mr. HEYNEN, Director General of ESA, on the subject of continuity of the partnership and around the research workshops of art schools in the region.